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A&S Yatırım Holding is a real estate investment company established in the luxurious real estate sector in California, United States, to leverage the 54 years of experience and expertise it has gained in the real estate development industry. A&S Yatırım Holding is an international investment company active in six different sectors and serves as the main investor and financier of the Beverly Hills FS Real Estate Company.

Since 1962, A&S Yatırım Holding has been a prominent and established holding company that aims to contribute to Turkey's development, progress, and attainment of a contemporary civilization. It is built upon the knowledge, experience, and capital of the third generation of a family involved in trade for three generations in Turkey. The company's corporate strategy is to synthesize the experience and expertise gained in both the domestic and international markets, to monitor development and industrial trends, and to invest in commercially viable sectors with high profit potential. It strives to achieve sustainable and stable growth within targeted time frames.

A&S Yatırım Holding supports all of its affiliated partnerships in terms of operational management, corporate governance, and financing. Despite economic competition conditions, the company has managed to maintain a comprehensive range of expertise and experience in various business sectors without compromising its commitment to sustainable benefits and corporate responsibility.

In addition to construction, real estate development and sales, banking and finance, investment consultancy, industry and manufacturing, energy, production, export, tourism, media, and communication, A&S Yatırım Holding has added significantly prospective and promising sectors to its scope of activities.

As Turkey's economy continues to develop and offer significant opportunities, A&S Yatırım Holding, our country's ever-growing value, remains dedicated to integrating new business areas into its portfolio based on quality, value, service, and excellence principles in the future, as it has always done.

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